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Yankee and Safran, Best Scented Candle In Malaysia


Every person has his own priorities and likes and dislikes, the thing which is liked by most people is termed as ‘popular’. Popular in a sense that it attracts every person because of its uniqueness and beauty. Though not necessarily the sexiest of Byredo’s candles name-wise, Safran definitely delivers the hottest, amusing, and warmest fragrance. The fragrance of this candle is alluring and mind blowing. It has a scent profile of patchouli, vanilla, dark amber, leather accord, labdanum, violet, saffron, and black pepper for a musky/ sweet/ spicy whole.

Long lasting

The main reason for the popularity of this candle is that this candle burns longer than other candles. And the burn of this candle is very smooth. This candle gets a lot of love for being long-lasting. “When given the option, if you can afford it, always go for the large jars,” advises one purchaser of this Yankee Candle, explaining, “By comparison, it is the best value, giving a couple hundred plus hours of burn time.” Another satisfied customer writes, “I love Yankee Candle large jars because they last so long and there is no danger of fire. Scented candles in Malaysia are of good quality and have friendly nature and they are accommodating in stress reduction.

It Smells wonderful

The fragrance of this candle is very alluring and amuses every aesthetic person. These candles make the whole house smell so wonderful. Buy any one of their scents. You won’t regret it.” Yankee Candle of course has many different fragrance options. 

Warmed memories

The other best quality of this candle is that it summons our pleasant memories. When this candle is ignited and starts burning, it recalls excellent memories of our life. When we are relaxed our mind allows best and pleasant memories to come into our mind but when we are sad then gloomy and sad memories enter our mind. Hence the pleasant burn of the candle makes our room fragrant and makes us peaceful.   

Unique in scent

Scents are very vital in making our mood and mind ease and relaxed. The main function of the scent is to make our minds peaceful and comfortable. This candle is truly wonderful. It has its own unique scent, very comforting and light.” And less romantic but nonetheless practical, these also make great bathroom candles, according to multiple customers. The scent is so potent, it even masks the strong chemical smells of a nail salon, according to one customer, who adds, “With this, a lot of my customers are always complimenting the smell and some even took a picture so they can buy it later.”  

Good brands of candles in Malaysia

Malaysia has wonderful, excellent, and branded scented candles. A good brand means specific quality associated with a specific brand or name. These branded candles are wonderfully liked by the people because they have good memories and experiences associated with these candles. All the brands of candles in Malaysia are having good quality.

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