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Top 3 Applications Commonly Used For ODL

In this 21st century, many students are forced to adapt to the ODL (Online Distance Learning) due to the pandemic. With how we have gotten used to the pandemic for these past few years, it is only natural for students to know about ODL. It is important that people know about how important ODL is for education. Without ODL, students might not be able to proceed with their education as the pandemic does not allow them to go to schools or universities. Hence, imagine how hard it would be for students to continue with their studies. Some university students might even have to postpone their graduation due to the pandemic. They should be grateful that ODL can help them in solving the issues and their studies can be resumed without any problem.

With the development of softwares that you can obviously see at mlm software, ODL has been super easy to access. This is because many applications have been used to have online classes and meetings. Let’s take a look at the top 3 apps commonly used for ODL.


This has been a popular application among the university students as many teachers held their online classes using Webex. It is very easy to use, so students do not have to waste their time just to learn how to operate the app. Many lecturers have been using their account to share the meeting links to their students. Using the links, students can join the online classes and stay for the lecture. This app has been very commonly used as it can be downloaded on both the phone and laptop. This makes it super easy for students to attend their online classes whenever they are. They could still join the classes even if they have to go out for errands for their mom. 


Zoom is a proprietary video teleconferencing software program developed 8 years ago. This particular app has been used by the university lecturers and students to have their online classes. Despite the fact that there are many other options of software out there, Zoom is pretty popular because of its features. Many lecturers use them for their lectures and presentations. Students have even been using Zoom to practice for their online group presentations. Such presentations need good flow from the members to ensure that their lecturer and classmates can understand their points. Since you can no longer look at them face-to-face, it is important that you practice so that there would be no issues with your presentations or Internet connection. Hence, you can practice using Zoom for free for a maximum of one hour. 

Google Meet

Among all software, Google Meet could probably be the most popular app to be downloaded into the student’s smartphones or laptop. Compared to other softwares, this does not require a high Internet connection. Thus, students do not have to worry  if they might be kicked out during their lessons due to unstable Internet connection. Besides that, how to use the app is the same as the other two where you share the links for other people to join the meeting.

Last Words

In conclusion, these are the top 3 applications used commonly for the purpose of Online Distance Learning (ODL). We should be grateful that the development in software has enabled us to use these apps, making it easy for our studies.