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The Top 5 Kdramas To Watch On Netflix Malaysia

The  Top 5 Kdramas To Watch On Netflix Malaysia

With thousands of Kdramas on Netflix right now and a huge fan base, it is difficult to choose the perfect one to pick up and watch. Especially when you are busy working every day like me, choosing the perfect show to watch can take too much time. 

I am picky, and so are you. I like my kdramas with unique stories, mixed with romance and suspense and are also filled with humor. So with that in mind, here we are with this broken-down list of Kdramas that will make your hectic life easier. It does not matter whether you are the CEO of a best mlm software company company or the busy content writer with her third cup of espresso, this list is for your kdrama loving heart. 

  1. Crash Landing On You (2019-2020)

Crash landing on you is a show that intertwines the tropes of North Korea and South Korea in a heartwarming love story. A paragliding mishap causes the lovely chaebol heiress to land in North Korea and a North Korean special officer rushes to her aid while one of them, the most beautiful of them falls in love with the heiress. 

I know that you have already seen this recommendation and this show makes this tiny, extremely personal list for a very good reason. This is one of the most captivating and unique dramas I have ever watched. Also, this is the one show that I would show my friends to convert them into a religious Kdrama buff like me. So far the results have been immaculate.

  1. It’s Okay To Not Be Okay (2020)

A masterpiece. This truly was a masterpiece that I could never get over from. I am still reeling from the aftermath of this wonderful kdrama. Not being able to top up a drama as good, is one of the sweet tortures of life. 

It’s okay to not be okay shows the story between a Children’s book author and an empathetic health care worker. Each has their own baggage and stories that are just as captivating. It was wonderful to see both characters battle with their own demons and succeed finally. This was one of the rare tv shows that portray the dark side of mental illness on a lighter note. This slow-burning romantic TV show is one of the best international TV shows and I gently urge you to go watch this now.

  1. Vagabond (2019-2020)

I don’t hear much about this drama but this incredibly swoon-worthy drama deserves so much more love and attention. I am still begging for its second season because of how addictive the first season was. 

In this show filled with mystery, heartbreak, romance, and lighthearted and heated moments between Suzy and Lee Seung gi, Vagabond shows the struggle of a stuntman who finds himself in a web of corruption and terror as he tries to get to the bottom of what happened in the plane crash that killed his nephew. This show is definitely for that craving suspense meets romance and the show does a perfect job of balancing it. 

  1. When The Camellia Blooms (2019)

Another top-tier drama with a unique story, I am sorry if I make you stay up all night for this one (sorry, not sorry). When the camellia blooms portray the story of a single mom, a serial killer, a goofy policeman in love, and the funny antics of a small village. 

Frankly, I am not kidding when I say this series made me want to become a mom myself. The love the lead actress portrayed for her son and the way she falls in love again is inspiring, riveting, and filled with hope. The serial killer meets the romantic story, this is a balance I needed for this weekend. 

  1. Because This Is My First Life (2017)

Again, an underrated gem. (maybe not that much, but I believe it deserves more hype). Because this is my first life is one of the funniest, cutest, and somewhat realistic K drama TV shows. Reality does not do well in Kdramas, but this show has managed to pull it off well with incredible chemistry and humor. This story follows the events unfolding between two somber 30-year-olds and eventually gets married out of convenience. Marriage for convenience meets love in the end. This was truly a rewarding show for my heart.

All of these five series are truly addictive. I have rewatched a couple of them multiple times, so don’t underestimate the power each of them holds on you.

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