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Negative Side Effects Of Gaming

With the modern technologies and internet that we have nowadays, online gaming is no longer a strange thing for us. Many people make money out of gaming professionally and certain games like PUBG, Valorant, and Mobile Legend have their own annual competition. People can also play casino online mobile Malaysia, instead of going to a real casino. 

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But too much of everything is never good and too much gaming can cause many serious side effects, here are some of the side effects that you can get when you are addicted to gaming. 

Dopamine Addiction 

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter released by your brain that affects the happiness you get from video games. You feel happiness when dopamine activity is detected in the nucleus accumbens, the pleasure region of your brain. When you play video games, your brain makes a constant stream of dopamine with unexpected outbursts. Your brain becomes addicted to this continuous flow of dopamine over time, and the nucleus accumbens needs even more dopamine release for gaming to be joyful. That makes it almost impossible for you to enjoy something that isn’t a video game.

Relationship With Your Loved Ones 

Relationship problems caused by too many video games are a typical issue among gamers and their families. When people become overly absorbed in video games, they ignore other things in life. Supportive relationships with family, friends and loved ones are the first to disappear. As a result, this is even more crucial to keep an eye on your relationships and determine whether they’re going in the wrong direction.

Academic Performances

Your academics and personal performance are likely to experience if you are addicted to gaming. Playing games makes it difficult for them to focus on their careers or academics. When your performance in these areas fails, it’s typical to go to video games. When life’s obligations become too much to bear, games become an escape. And having no control of this can cause you to suffered from failing in your educations and career. 


Too much gaming can lead to many serious health issues, the most common ones are problems in their visions because they spent hours staring at their monitor screen, backpain because they will usually sit on their gaming chair for hours without moving around, and also a more serious health issues. Like a gaming thumb which is a phrase that means the tendons on their thumbs become inflamed and it will cause such pain when they are moving their thumbs. The medical term for this disease is called “de Quervain’s Tenosynovitis”

These are some of the serious side effects that you can get when you have no control over gaming. Gaming is a fun activity and it can help you to distract yourself from other things and also helps you to lessen your stress from all of the study and works you did. But, it is also important for you to balance it with other important things. Because if you don’t you will suffer from all of these horrible side effects and other bad side effects of gaming.