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Dogemama: New Guy In Town

Dogemama is no alien name in the world of technology nowadays. People are busy living, chasing their goals in being successful in their life. Some become very aware of the existence of various businesses out there. From so many to choose from, it shows the root of different types of people, specializing in so many branches of the business world. As one would think, they could involve themselves in the bakery business, stock market, or even involve in the education flow. Point is, so many things to consider now when talking about the world of business. That includes cryptocurrency. 

What is cryptocurrency? People who are bored with technology usually ask this. Well, imagine it like digital money of yours, for you to buy goods and services. To secure it, an online ledger with strong cryptography is used and many companies out there started to produce their own currencies, called tokens. Yes, they can be traded and they are like arcade tokens or casino chips in a sort of way. Cryptocurrencies use blockchain, a decentralized tech that manages all the records of all transactions. Study shows that there are more than 10,000 different cryptocurrencies traded publicly and the industry will only just grow and become more known. Some of the big names you can see are Bitcoin, Etherum, Cardano, and a whole lot more. 


Speaking of cryptocurrencies, check out Dogemama. Though you never heard of it, the industry is already blown by it. This cryptocurrency is made by BSCscan links, public documentation, and careful organization of the references. They believe in the vision of other big names in the industry, they have just the right tool to be the provider of the most accessible and powerful economic solutions. It is more than just a meme coin, it is a family, that brings people together. Great things happen when meme coins are done right and that is exactly what they are aiming for. 

Dogemama is set apart from others by holding over 46% of the entire Dogecoin supply by the top wallets. AS the wallets can have the risk of getting bankrupt, Dogemama is here to fix the issue, thus with their well-tailored tokens. For their tokenomics, they supply for about 1 to 3 years of model vesting with no small group of holders have the opportunity to dictate the market and the price. The liquidity distribution for Dogemama would be about 7.5% in half distribution. Half for BNB and the other half is paired automatically with the previous BNB. Thanks to the Pancake Swap, the process would be automatic and there will be no case in illiquid tokens. 

Dogemama also supports charities like EveryMotherCounts and donates about 2.5% of all the tokens. It is the process of them giving back to the world and appreciating the existence and good deeds of all mothers around the world. At the Dogemama Family Platform, you can purchase your tokens with bonuses included and you will have the option of locking it up from the range of 1 until 6 months period. This is to exchange for an even bigger reward in bonuses available.