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Hiring a Mortgage Broker Could Yield Disadvantages

Because of the tedious ordeal of filing for a home loan, most borrowers will hire the services of a mortgage broker so that they will be guided every step of the way. They fully believe that only mortgage brokers can provide the best deal they are looking for, besides, there are really terms when filing for a home loan that is hard to understand. But is it really beneficial to hire a mortgage broker? There have been existing feuds about the real intention of mortgage brokers since the year of 2008. 

Well, until you will hire one, you can’t really prove this. Yes, mortgage brokers can indeed help a borrower find the best deal when it comes to home loans as they know many lenders because of the nature of their work. But for the information of every borrower, there are also disadvantages when hiring a mortgage broker and they are enumerated below:

  • When you hire a mortgage broker, your main goal is to be helped in finding the best deal like more affordable terms and lower interest rates. But because the bigger amount the borrower will apply for a loan, the bigger fee will the mortgage broker can collect, according to statistics, they actually advise their client to borrow a bigger amount of money even to the fact that they can hardly afford to pay them.
  • When someone will hire a mortgage broker, he will deeply rely on his capabilities of finding him the best deal. That is why, out of his great trust to the hired mortgage broker, the moment the broker will present an estimate from a particular lender, he will right away assume it is the final one. Like if he will file for a home loan from that lender, the presented estimate will be religiously followed. But that is not always the case. There are times when during the actual application, the lender will alter the terms basing on your applied amount. So, the end scene is the borrower will be paying more than he expected.
  • There are lenders who prefer not to work with lenders and there is a chance that you will get more affordable terms with them. Bear in mind that when you hire a mortgage lender, you will not have a chance to negotiate with the lender. It is all between the broker and the lender, then you and the broker. 

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Having your own home is really great. But you have to be careful in the process so you won’t be victimized by others who just want easy money.

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