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Genting Highlands: Everyone’s favorite entertainment site doing well during the pandemic

Gambling is one of the most common and controversial forms of entertainment that even children can participate in. If left unchecked, gambling can ruin one’s life as they would get too addicted to the thrill of gambling. In some cases, addicted gamblers would even offer some of their valuable possessions or get into debt just to earn the amount they have lost. Without proper regulations and supervisions, some games could be rigged to trick their gamblers into incurring more debt from them. Therefore, casinos are built in order to properly regulate and supervise these games while controlling gamblers’ habits to prevent them from gambling too much. However, some countries would ban gambling especially in Islamic countries which forbids Muslims from gambling as it goes against their religious teachings. Malaysia, although considered as an Islamic country, is an exception due to having Chinese and Indians making up most of the population in the country after Muslims which allows Malaysia to have two different laws to regulate gambling for different races.

Genting Highlands’ casino, Casino de Genting or Sky Casino, is the only kasino online Malaysia has allowed to be built at the top of a mountain on Pahang. Only an hour drive away from Kuala Lumpur, many Malaysians and tourists are attracted by it as in addition to being an amusement park on a chilly mountain, it also has the biggest casino in Malaysia. Although there are multiple amusement parks and other legal gambling sites built before and after Genting Highlands, they could not compete against the services and entertainment sites that Genting offers. On a mountain with the weather feeling like the air conditioner is turned on 24/7, shows and events in their theater, Arena of the Stars, featuring some of the famous artists and celebrities such as Boys II Men, Stefanie Sun and S.H.E, and a casino for adults to test their luck, who doesn’t want to go to Genting Highlands?

With the recent resurgence of COVID-19 cases in Malaysia, Genting Highlands is forced to temporarily close some of their services to prevent more cases from increasing while allowing some sites to continue operating as long as the visitors and businesses are following the standard operating procedure. Despite having to close their casino which could have affected their business tremendously, Casino de Genting created an alternative of providing their casino services to their loyal gamblers by developing an online gambling website for their members to enjoy the thrills of gambling in the comfort of their own home. With the advancement of technology, online gambling casinos are becoming more common as it is more convenient for gamblers to convert their money to credits and browse through their games easily without exposing themselves to unseen dangers and diseases especially during the pandemic. 

Despite COVID-19 affecting its business, Genting Highlands is still standing strong and is adapting well to the pandemic to ensure that their loyal members continue using their services by offering attractive promotions and offers to encourage them to visit whenever possible.

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