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Top 3 Hobbies When You Are Bored Of Technology

The modern era has made changes all around us, even at this very moment. The world keeps spinning and technology keeps developing in order to ease our lives. It is amazing how software and websites have been developed to the point that it is very easy to access to Malaysia web design company. Not only would they help with your website designing, but they can also help you develop your ecommerce through the digital world. It is true that everything and everyone can be connected to the Internet and technology in this era. Hence, there are many sources of entertainment you can enjoy online. But as time goes by, using them all the time would make you feel bored too. This means that it’s time for you to pick out some new hobbies that are not related to them. 

Let’s move on to the top 3 hobbies you can try when you are bored of technology.


You should try activities like dancing so that your body would move around and let all your sweat out. Dancing is also a form of exercise since you would be moving around practicing the dance steps and choreography. It lets you stretch your body and let them move as much as you can. If you love indulging in social media, then practice some dance covers and post them online. That way, you can even boost your self confidence and boost your mood despite being at home all day. If you are worried that you can’t hire a dance teacher during this lockdown, no worries since you can learn them on your own.


Pottery is an activity where you produce items like a mug or a vase from a lump of clay. The whole process of producing that is very calming since it lowers your blood pressure and calms your mind. Moreover, pottery can help alleviate stress and anxiety as your hands move constantly in order to shape the items you wish to produce. The process does not stop once you finish molding them since you can also show your creativity by painting the items with colorful patterns and cute designs. For example, you can paint some cute cats on the mug you just produced. Isn’t that cute? You can even exercise your hands and improve your hand’s stability during this activity. 


This activity requires you to produce lettering using a pen, ink brush or other writing instrument. It is a form of writing that needs you to practice the writing skills so that the visual art would be perfect. Firstly, calligraphy can help the youngsters to express their emotions and creativity through art. This is mainly because calligraphy allows you to create a piece of art where you can express your view of the world or the message you want to deliver through your own art. Besides, it helps in developing motor skills and critical thinking.

Last Words

In conclusion, these are the top 4 activities you can try when you are bored of technology. It is guaranteed that you will be putting aside your gadgets for hours by trying them out.