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Beautiful condo for rent bandar utama: catered for You

For the condo for rent bandar utama the real estate agent must be registered in the register of mediators and can be verified by making a simple search obtained from the local Chamber of Commerce.

  • Real estate agents registered in this register are entitled to a commission in the event of signing a preliminary purchase.
  • The commission is usually 2% of the price actually paid for the property but is still negotiable between the parties.
  • It is advisable to avoid signing clauses that provide for a tacit extension of the mandate entrusted to the mediator.

It is important to know as much information as possible about the seller, especially his patrimonial and income situation, to know if he is a private individual or an entrepreneur, if he is a partner, if he has bankruptcies behind him or in progress; such information can always be found through the Chamber of Commerce or perhaps one’s own bank and perhaps in the traditional way, by asking around from relatives, friends, acquaintances and work colleagues.

The Counterplay

Before signing foreplay where often the counterparty is the real estate agency, it is good to make sure that the same really has the seller’s mandate, also you must leave an original copy of the document and before signing it you should submit it to your trusted lawyer. The preliminary purchase contract must be noted in the land register established since 1997; this protects the buyer from possible scams or bankruptcies as it allows him to be declared the owner of the property such as condo for sale bandar utama if others come up with other requests.

For the Sellers

Very often it is required by the seller or the agency to pay a deposit or a deposit upon signing the preliminary contract, however agree on a withdrawal clause if you have any doubts about the purchase. If the property was inherited by the seller through an inheritance, verify that all inheritance taxes have been paid in full.

Usual Options

Usually the amount declared in the deed is lower than the one actually paid and this, to pay less tax on the purchase of the property such as bandar utama property for sale but, in the event of a legal dispute , the buyer should prove the amount he actually paid otherwise he would be valid for any refunds the one declared in the deed.If there is no bank guarantee, it is advisable to pay the full amount only upon signing the deed and it is necessary to obtain a receipt for the payment by the seller, in case of payment by check, always pay it to the seller with the non-transferable clause, photocopy the checks and have them signed by the seller as a receipt. For more articles such as this one, click here.