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All Arrangements For The Best Bandar Sri Damansara Condo For Rent

When looking for temporary housing, the first thing to try is not to rush. Of course, this is difficult when, for example, the owner of the previous apartment asks to urgently vacate the property or other reasons force him to move out of his usual place. And you have to hurry to look for an alternative. And good options at reasonable prices are sorted out on the market like hot cakes. But nevertheless, it is better to be very careful, otherwise, as practice shows, in a hurry you can break wood, and this can be expensive, both in monetary terms and in moral terms. You can go for the Bandar Sri Damansara condo for rent.

Ask the landlord to show the documents for the apartment

  • So, having found a suitable apartment, first of all, you need to ask the landlord to show you the following documents:
  • Documents of title to the apartment (sale and purchase agreement, exchange, donation, and so on, as well as the registration certificate).
  • The identity document of the owner.

Learn about the existence of co-owners

If the landlord does not agree to show the documents and tries to convince you of his decency, then it is better to refuse such a deal.

Post Choice Steps

After you have chosen an apartment and made sure that it is rented by the owner himself, conclude a lease agreement. Although today not every landlord proposes to settle relations in this way, this document will help the parties to avoid misunderstandings. A lease agreement is a document that obliges the landlord to provide the property to the tenant for a fixed fee for a specified period. Housing rental relations are regulated by the Civil Code.

First, the parties negotiate the terms of the contract, whether the monthly rental fee includes utility bills, who pays for repairs, for how long the housing is rented, and so on. Then the parties turn to the notary. The notary can use a sample of a standard lease agreement or supplement it with articles according to the wishes of the parties.

Going for the Lease

The lease agreement is concluded in writing if the house is rented for a long-term period – from 12 months. If you need Bandar Sri Damansara apartment for rent for a period of less than a year, the law does not oblige you to conclude an agreement and register it. However, this document should not be neglected; it will protect both sides from possible problems.

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