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A Guide To Do Something Productive During This Lockdown

It is unbelievable how the cases of COVID-19 in our country have been skyrocketing these days. We can clearly see the impact of the pandemic all over social media and the Internet. People have been losing their jobs, students can no longer keep up with the ODL (Online Distance Learning) and more industries have been on the verge of collapsing. More and more people have been voicing out their desperation to the higher ups in the hope that the situation could be better. Whatever it is, one thing they have been complaining about is the enforcement of lockdowns all over the country. It is not like they don’t want to stay home, but the cases are still rising despite the implementation of MCO the last few months. Perhaps it is time for the government to come up with a solution to the issues caused by the MCO. 

Thus, we should just stay at home and let them do their work. It is understandable that at this point, you could go crazy as you stay cooped at home 24/7. Hopefully, these few recommendations could be helpful for you to be productive during this lockdown.


There’s nothing wrong with wanting to lay down and gamble online through casino online malaysia all day in the comfort of your home. However, doing that for a long time could make your body feel heavy as you have not been moving your body much. Thus, you should also try activities like dancing so that your body would move around and let all your sweat out. Dancing is also a form of exercise since you would be moving around practicing the dance steps and choreography. It lets you stretch your body and let them move as much as you can. If you love indulging in social media, then practice some dance covers and post them online. That way, you can even boost your self confidence and boost your mood despite being at home all day. If you are worried that you can’t hire a dance teacher during this lockdown, no worries since you can learn them on your own. Take it as a challenge and watch some Youtube tutorials to help with your self-learning.


People have always been joking that this activity is for the old grandma since this ancient needlework takes a lot of patience and time in order to complete even one project. This is such a misconception since the youngsters should also try this during the lockdown. You can do something productive by doing embroidery since it requires you to focus and keep going at it until it’s finished. More people should try this since it can lower your blood pressure and alleviate stress. Embroidery enables you to have something to be done in a safe and calming space. It is amazing that it is a good form of therapy for those who have anxiety or anger management issues. Besides, the embroidery patterns are no longer fixed on flowers and animals these days. You can do embroidery of people, inspiring quotes and any unique patterns you want.


Another productive activity you should try during this lockdown is baking. Learning how to bake cakes, cookies and brownies is such a fun experience no matter if you are a male or female. Everyone can benefit from the exciting process of making something delicious that smells good once it’s out of the oven. It is a good opportunity for family members to bond as they enjoy baking together and creating new recipes. Furthermore, it is an effective way to release stress. Are you familiar with the term stress baking? This is when people bake as a way to let out their tension and frustration through making delicious pastries.

Last Words

In conclusion, here are a few activities recommended for you to be productive during this lockdown. Make sure to stay at home and try new things as we wait for this pandemic to be settled and over with.