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A Beginner’s Guide To Protect Yourself From Scammers.

We are living in this modern age where scammers unfortunately exist and have been tricking people into giving access to their money. They have been operating from long ago and it’s surprising that they are still out there nowadays. Despite the security caution that has been applied to our bank account like a confirmation of our IDs and password, scammers still have their ways in getting our money. It is frustrating how the parents became their victims due to their lack of knowledge in the use of technology and modern banking transactions. In a case where the victim shared their experience on Twitter, she explained in detail how the scammers sent her a message that notified her of her bank account being accessed by someone else. The message even included a link to the bank online platform and it looks just like the original one. Since she was in a panic, she clicked on the link and filled in the personal details there. After a few hours, she received notification that a huge amount of money had been withdrawn from her bank account. Only then did she realise that she had been scammed. Can you see how easily you can become a victim?

Thus, it is important that you educate yourself on how to protect yourself from the scammers. 

Make Sure To Verify The Legitimacy of The Site

Whenever you use a link to access a site that allows you to check your account balance and do bank transactions, be sure to check that the site is legitimate. Doing this helps you from becoming a victim as you are aware that it is a fake site after confirming with the bank. Contact the bank to make sure that the site you are using is safe to be used. Don’t hesitate as the bank employees will be glad to help you.

Don’t Click On Suspicious Links Or Emails

A lot of people have become victims to a scam because they are not cautious when receiving a message with links or emails. Most of them clicked on them straight away and did not even hesitate to check the number of the sender. Thus, this gives the scammer easy access to their bank account. Some scammers can hack into the account easily after acquiring your personal details from your phone. You have to be more careful when receiving any links or emails from unknown numbers.

Update Your Computer and Mobile Devices

Nowadays, it is common for your account to be synched to your computer and mobile devices. There’s nothing wrong with that if you let no one use your devices except yourself because it is possible for people to come across your passwords or personal details through the devices. Besides, make sure to keep your devices updated so that you will receive a notification right away in case your account has been accessed. Sometimes, you might feel annoyed as you receive notifications every time you do a bank transaction online. However, you will feel grateful when it helps to notify you when someone accesses your account. Realising that your account has been hacked can help you to call the bank immediately and freeze any activities for the account. 

Last Words

In conclusion, it is better to prevent yourself from being scammed rather than being ignorant until it happens to you in the future. You also need to educate the people around you like your parents and siblings so that they will be aware about these. Prevention is better than cure, they say. Until someone developed a software where it could 100 percent prevent your bank account from being hacked, all you can do is to be careful and follow the easy steps to prevent yourself from being scammed. However, do check out this software mlm that offers software development at the best price for your business. Perhaps they could help you know more about softwares as you build your way to build software for scamming prevention. 

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